Cat Litter Company Health Indicator®

Cat Litter Company Health Indicator®

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Cat Litter Company Health Indicator® is a handy detection method to test the health of your sweet cat. Cats are very hard on themselves and often only show that something is wrong. These pellets can be used preventively to detect diseases at an early stage. If the cat is already under treatment, the pellets can be used to monitor whether the situation is improving.

The different colours mean that there is a certain substance or acidity present that indicates a possible disorder.

  • Dark yellow/orange may indicate the presence of bilirubin which may mean a liver problem.
  • Green may indicate albumin which may cause renal diseases
  • Blue is a PH indication, so an indication of the acidity. A too high or too low acidity can lead to bladder grit.
  • Red indicates the presence of blood in the urine, which may indicate a cystitis

The special silica granules you put in its entirety over the cat litter, so that your cat can pee over it. When one of the above colours can be seen, then a visit to the vet is desired. Use the detection card during testing to see what you are dealing with. Do you have several cats in the house? Then we advise you to buy a separate litter tray with the Health Indicator for each cat.

The product is suitable for almost all types of cat litter.

Size: 200g