Swedencare ProDen Stomax® Powder

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Stomax® re-instate balance and the healthy bacteria flora in the intestines. Good intestinal flora has been proven to be of major importance to the well being of the body, while a spoiled bacteria flora has been proven of significance for the propagation of disease in both the intestines and the rest of the body.


  • effective in various digestive problems
  • strengthens the protective effect of the mucus of the stomach and intestinal mucosa and thus increases its protection
  • contributes to the restoration of the intestinal microflora and restores its balance
  • has a high ability to retain water (important for stools standardization)
  • contains prebiotic fiber for better nutrition and absorption of minerals


Potato cell fiber (PV70), inactivated yeast, lecithin, inulin / oligofructose, vitamins and a mixture of amino acids.

Additives per kg: 
Methionine 12.4 g, vit. B1 1200 mg, vit. B6 400 mg, 100 mg folic acid, vit B12 34 mg

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 11.1%, fat content 5.7%, inorganic substance 4.1%, crude fiber 45%, moisture 8.9%

Cats 0.5 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.