About Us

Here at Pawfect Cats™, this is a space just for you!

A space we want to create for ailurophiles a.ka. cat lovers like us!

As ailurophiles, we understand the joy and the challenges of having them.



  • 3 CATS to represent our own cats who have made such difference in our lives. Scooter, Cookie and Caramel are our very own cats.
  • GOLD to represent the standards we strive to provide for our customers and their cats.
  • PAWFECT perfection towards finding the right products for our perfect family.



HONESTY – to be transparent and straightforward with our experiences with customers. No marketing gimmicks, no hard push of sales, no spam.

RESPECT – Respecting our customers and their cats. Everyone is different and have their own opinions and preferences. We respect that.

TRUST – To build trustworthy relationships with our customers through our interactions.

CONTRIBUTE – To be able to do our own part to educate people about our own experience, knowledge and to promote ADOPT NOT SHOP.